Aprojects GmbH in Willich

We connect markets – worldwide

Aprojects GmbH in Willich

We connect markets – worldwide

Our main services in Willich:

  • Groupage Part and Full loads by truck with own Agents in the respective countries as Austria, Switzerland, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, Ireland
  • Daily General Cargo Service by truck
  • Daily Part and full load Services by truck
  • Express Transportation upon request
  • Heavy lifts and special vehicles (if necessary with hydraulic lifting board)
  • Groupage Services via destination hubs up to Consignee’s warehouse/factory
  • Transport of dangerous / hazardous goods in accordance with governmental rules and regulations
  • Collection & transfer of commercial value up on request
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Transport of import shipments. Import customs clearance upon request

Fahrplan für unsere Sammelgutverkehre

Fahrplan für den Sammelgutverkehr von TransTrading Willich.

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Martina an de Meulen

Branch Manager Willich

Our contacts in Willich

Aprojects – Contacts in Willich

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Operations national and international transports

Christina Wobbe (Team Leader)

Phone: +49 2154 4919-13
Mail: christina.wobbe@trans-trading.de

Procurement key account and relation transports

Michael Räder (Team Leader)

Phone: +49 2154 4919-24
Mail: michael.raeder@trans-trading.de

Tatjana Rentzschke

Phone: +49 2154 4919-16
Mail: tatjana.rentzschke@trans-trading.de



Lisa Faust (Team Leader)

Phone: +49 2154 4919-29
Mail: lisa.faust@trans-trading.de


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